Sample House


Sample House is a new creative material library for interior designers, furniture designers, architects, and contractors. We empower industry professionals with the resources needed to approach their work efficiently and expressively.

A new take on a

material library

We’re rewriting the way design professionals
consider the procurement and maintenance of
essential design elements.

A woman in black looks at materials. Shelves of samples behind her.
Sample House, interior.
Marble stones from BAS Stone.
Marble stones from BAS Stone.


Sample House aims to smooth the frictions associated with procuring and maintaining material samples for your practice. We’re committed to rewriting industry norms, reimagining project timelines, and revolutionizing resource management.

Additionally, it’s no secret that the industry can do better, and decreasing the number of samples that end up in the trash is our way of shifting how things get done.

Thoughtful Curation

Sample House selects and maintains an inventory of current and timeless material collections, offering only the best under one roof.

Communal Workspace

Our central table facilitates effective concepting and material engagement, fostering productive discussions between designers and clients. Utilize the space with your team and clients for focused and effective decisions.

Vendor Spotlight

Stay in the know with our monthly rotation of inspiring vendors and access to speciality events for networking, learning and discovery. If you are a vendor within Sample House, use the library for sample review, team coordination and sample holding for ease when traveling to NYC.

Effortless Documentation

Our well-lit, in-house setup for flat-lay photography streamlines design development, presentation, and documentation.
  • Various tile glazes from Particular Tile.
    Various tile glazes from Particular Tile.
  • Cavallo (Cream 950) from Cortina Leather.
    Cavallo (Cream 950) from Cortina Leather.
  • Standard metal finishes from Texas Lightsmith.
    Standard metal finishes from Texas Lightsmith.
  • Stone, brick and wood from Orca Living, Bower Studios, Montana Labelle & BAS Stone.
    Stone, brick and wood from Orca Living, Bower Studios, Montana Labelle & BAS Stone.
  • Woven Stripe Blue & Navy from Vousta.
    Woven Stripe Blue & Navy from Vousta.
  • Cabinetry and countertop finishes offered by Reform.
    Cabinetry and countertop finishes offered by Reform.


Sample House offers a single membership suitable for individuals and teams. For teams of 10 or more, contact us about special pricing.


$195 per month, $25 per additional user
  • Unlimited monthly appointments, flexible scheduling
  • Access to communal worktables
  • Dedicated setup for flat-lay photography
  • Fully stocked and organized material library
Resin samples offered by 3Form.
Resin samples offered by 3Form.
A table surounded by plants, behind a wall of glass bricks lets in outside light.
Sample House, interior.


Sample House prioritizes taste, quality, and availability. We meticulously research and handpick each vendor in our collection, ensuring it lives up to our standards and yours.

  • Dinesen
  • Madera
  • Hudson Company
  • LV Wood
  • Ignorance is Bliss
  • Alt for Living
  • Bower Studios
  • Nanimarquina
  • Urban Electric
  • WeCork

Simplify your materials

Entrusting Sample House with the maintenance, organization, and updating of material samples means you can focus on the work at hand.


Sample House came to life after founder, Michael DeChillo, spent the last few years working as a Material Librarian for several premier interior design firms in New York City.

Our unique service was conceptualized with the promise to help shift the current accessibility of material libraries as well as rethink how a material library operates. We look forward to Sample House becoming a trusted resource and a new extension of your design practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I return my samples late?

Past due samples loans will lose their deposit in full.

Can I bring my own samples?

Yes. You can bring your own materials to be used for your project or to be shown for your client but any personally supplied materials cannot be left at the library.

Does Sample House accept any donations?

No, but we recommend the following resources to responsibly reuse or dispose of them: Cooper Recycling (Hard Materials Only), Fabscrap, Mood Fabrics.

I’m not a member, but I’m interested in doing an interior design or renovation project. Can I visit the library?

This is a membership only library. Please consider working with an interior designer who is a member at Sample House.

Can Sample House connect me with a professional that fits my design needs?

We love connecting clients to our wide range of design professionals. Please email with project details and we can assist in connecting you.

Can I store a tray in the library with my selected materials to be saved until my next visit?

At this time we don’t have sufficient space for this, but we hope this will be available as the library grows over time. However, if you have a tray of materials that you really love and do want to save until your next visit just let the librarian know which is your tray and they will notate all selected samples for your tray. Additionally, if you need a copy of that list or specific item you can email